THE UNDERACHIEVERS: Evermore: the Art of Duality 


Issa Gold and AK gave the beast coast a boost last month (not that it needs much of one) when they dropped their second studio album titled Evermore: the Art of Duality. Together, Issa and AK are the Underachievers who are far from underachievers since they have each dropped solo projects of their own while keeping the Underachievers afloat. Their new album is a duality of sorts. While the first ten tracks are melodic the second half is like skating down a New York street; the flow is quick, hard, and gets gritty. But overall the album maintains this sort of dreamy psychedelic sound that leaves you wondering if your arms are still there.

Duality is a strange notion explored by many of the greatest philosophers as well the Underachievers. Shankara, a great Hindi sage, once explained our dualistic nature with this metaphor: your walking down a path when you spot a coil of rope. At first you mistake that rope for a snake because, well, they look alike. But as you inch closer you realize that its just rope. The idea is that we have dualistic tendencies, which often lead us to perceive objects in ways that they are not. For Shankara, enlightenment could only be reached by casting away the shackles of dualism. Issa and AK preach a similar sort of philosophy albeit in mellower way. In their words, “put your hands up if you live for love!”.
It’s hard to say who the Underachievers worked with for this album. Like their Flatbush contemporaries, the Underachievers like to work with many producers. For the Indigoism project just about every track had a unique producer. Nevertheless, both Issa and AK are talented MCs. Their flows are a compliment to each other and when the beat gets heavy neither have trouble keeping pace. That being said, AK’s flow can be monotonous at times. He’s not one to change his tone much yet on certain tracks it works well.



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