E-40 is from Vallejo and has been releasing records for years. He is also the founder of the Sick Wid It record label. One of the most recent additions to Sick Wid It roster is Nef the Pharoah, a new up and coming MC from South Vallejo. I recently stumbled upon Nef’s music video  HYPERLINK “” Big Tymin’ while surfing YouTube. From there I found an album he released last month called Neffy Got Wings.


Vallejo is a suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s not really a happening place. Somehow it seems to be the most fertile ground for hip-hop, and not that traditional boom bap style of hip hop either, nope, this is central hyphy ground. What is hyphy you ask? Hyphy is a style. It’s funky with long drawn out bass beats, and uses synthesizers for that club banger feel.


Cardo produced Nef’s mixtape with superb quality. The tape has ten tracks and can easily be listened to in one sitting. Like Nef, Cardo is also flying high on this one. The tape also features the likes of Deltrice, Mozzy, Philthy Rich, Ty Dolla Sign, and Eric Bellinger. I suppose all these guys also hail from the Bay. Unfortunately there’s not much of a female presence on any of the tracks.


The Neffy Got Wings album is available for $8 bones on  HYPERLINK “” iTunes. You might also find a free stream but that’s on you. And maybe while your at it check out Ezale’s  HYPERLINK “” Too High. He’s another up and comer. There is a new generation of Bay Area MCs and producers who carry the same torch that fellas like Mac Dre, E-40, and Too $hort once carried. RIP Mac Dre.




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